The Secret To Ageless Living

Don’t let her size fool you, this little dynamo is a powerhouse with unbelievable energy, vitality and spunk! Tao Porchon Lynch is a 98 year young yogi having studied with all the great masters. Ninety years ago, girls were not allowed to do yoga yet when she saw all the boys doing yoga, she said, if they can do it, I can do it. A true leader of feminine rights, Tao has led the way by example. She exemplifies following your heart, doing what you love, being your truth authentic being and making a difference in the world by being of service to others. I had the honor and privilege of meeting Tao at the Sedona Yoga Festival and even among all the other demands on her time, she still took a moment to wish my sister a Happy Birthday (I edited out my sister’s name so you can watch this video and soak in her wishes on your birthday – feel free to watch it every year on your birthday, I plan to!)

In these very short vignettes you catch a glimpse of the Wisdom of Tao…

I’m not interested in what I can’t do, I’m determined to do what I want to do.


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