Business Manifestation Magic: Concept to Creation in Under 2 Months


Tamara Lee Standard is opening her studio TODAY, March 1, 2016!! Modern Mystic Yoga Academy is more than a yoga studio, it is a portal to your spiritual evolution. I asked Tamara if I could interview her as a Goddess of the Month because I was so impressed with how quickly she manifested the life of her dreams and I wanted to showcase her story to inspire you on what is possible. Her initial reaction was that she was not ready, let her get the studio opened, her website finished, everything in order and flowing and then she would be ready to share with the world. I pointed out that perfectionism can be the kiss of death, she was ready and the opening is the perfect time to shout from the mountaintops, “Hey, look what I just created!!” and as this video will reveal:

  • She did not do it alone, the Universe conspired in her favor as did all kinds of people supporting her desire
  • What was the best use of her time
  • How to eliminate competition
  • How to cope with overwhelm
  • What she is most excited to offer the community, free of charge
  • How she overcame her old stories of fear, scarcity and what is possible, and
  • How the impact we make in the world is not apparent in the initial steps and stages

Music credit: One Sacred Earth by Ashana

For a class schedule, yoga teacher training info, private mystic evolution & recovery coaching or studio rental, go to her website or or contact Tamara at

Located at 1927 E Grant Road, Tucson, AZ behind Straight to the Point Piercing

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