You Are Not Committed to Your DNA: A Tele-gathering with Dr Northrup

Our body is pure intelligence, an operating system that rivals no other. Every cell contains a legacy of information woven into our DNA. Scientists now tell us we have the power to effect the expression of our DNA by mindfully curating our environment. What we think, what we believe and what we eat all have an effect on whether particular genes turn on or off.

Personal and cultural belief systems are handed down from generation to generation and become coded into our DNA through storytelling and bio-intelligence. The energy with which stories are told, whether fearful or loving, impact the degree of belief. What we digest literally and figuratively is the driver of our lives. Foods that stimulate health and thoughts that give rise to positive emotions can turn around illness and disease.

According to Hering’s Law of Healing “We heal from the head down”, meaning that before any healing can occur we must believe that we can heal and “We heal from within out” by allowing the body to cleanse by eliminating toxins through the skin.

The new science of epigenetics tells us that our environment plays a far greater role than we have ever thought and we have discovered that our genes dance with our awareness and our beliefs can become our biology!

The genomic revolution opens a new window into why our bodies do what they do and how we can work with our genes, rather than against them. As science advances, we will be able to recommend diets, lifestyles, drugs and nutrients that help maximize genetic potential and minimize risk of disease and obesity.

‘Your mission, should you choose to accept it’ is to take the wheel and drive into the sunset in happiness and health through every choice you make.

Join Dr. Christiane Northrup and her sister Penny Northrup Kirk and learn more about maximizing your DNA and how our biome is a key player in this new science.

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