What To Do If You Are A #MeToo

When #metoo started showing up on everyone’s Facebook newsfeed, I knew it was a topic that needed attention, to be brought out into the light so that we can heal. It is a big topic with so much to be said and even more to be resolved. We only scratch the surface in all there is to understand, forgive and resolve on this topic, yet what we do cover in this 20 minute interview is what to do if you are a #metoo and find yourself acting out and not able to find peace within. In this interview with Pamela Neil, she talks about being molested by her father and how she healed from such betrayal of her ‘protector.’
You will learn:

  • Where to start in getting help
  • What one technique we can all incorporate today to calm the body and mind
  • What to do with dis-empowering thoughts
  • How to create safe space

Some of the resources Pamela used:

Lisa Foster:




Transforming the conversation about sexual violation: from shame and silence to heroism and fierce hope.


If you would like to watch a longer interview with Pam and Lisa Foster on this topic:


Breath Work

Zach Rehder: