What Story Are You Telling?

A story I have never shared before…
I remembered this story from my younger years and realized it was one I haven’t shared before and yet, there is such a valuable lesson embedded in it.
I might add, it was only this ONE person who planted the seed and told me this “story” about myself and even though several others said the opposite, I chose to adopt the negative belief…
until this day,
when I was able to see myself through my daughter’s eyes and change my story, forever.
Another interesting point I didn’t cover in this video is that I had no idea when the tortilla left my hand what I was going to say next. It wasn’t until it landed that I was given the answer from my infinite source (the same source available to you).

You are a wellspring of creativity.

Here’s to telling yourself really good stories,



Photo by Koshevaya_k from Pexels