Want to manifest your dream life? Here’s how.

As a Vision Board Workshop facilitator at Canyon Ranch, I love a good manifestation story and this one is a doosey.

Jennifer Hudye is a the creator of Conscious Copy, a marketing company that helps businesses clarify their message and build value-based relationships with their clients. At the end of a jammed packed weekend together, we shot this short but oh, so juicy video (under 8 1/2 minutes), Jennifer shares how she manifested a “chance” encounter that launched her business with 7 and 8 figure clients in just 17 days.

In this video, you will learn:
  • her magical story of manifestation that launched the business of her dreams in 17 days
  • how she now helps others expand their vision so you can use it in business as a sales and recruitment tool to attract your ideal clients and staff.

To learn more about Jennifer and her business, Conscious Copy, go to https://consciouscopy.co/