Waking Up To My White Privilege

I admit I am not an expert on racism and social injustice. And I have used that as an excuse not to comment or take a bold stand on white privilege. 

It isn’t until recently that I have even seen my own contribution to the problems of inequality. 

I certainly come from a place of love, non-judgment, oneness, inclusivity, and yet now I see that beliefs without action contribute to the problem. 

It is not as though I didn’t know racism existed, but to me, I didn’t think I had seen it personally, or had friends who experienced it. 

I thought it was — out there, not close to home.  

I thought it was rare and concentrated in parts of the country where they are not open-minded. 

I didn’t know it exists to the wide-sweeping degree in which it does, and how my white privilege of not HAVING to worry about it, allows me to not give it its rightful attention.

Now that I am in the very early stages of educating myself, I am heart-sickened by the everyday humiliation of being treated as less than that my friends of color endure. 

I have started having conversations with friends and acquaintances who tell me about the frequency of being pulled over by authorities and asked whose car they are driving. 

What? I have never been asked whose car I was driving? It would be very challenging not to give a snarky reply at the absurdity of it being someone other than my own. 

Or to have been robbed and not being able to get the police to help in any way or do anything about it.

And my white privilege really shows up in my not being concerned every day for my son’s safety. I did not have any clue to the extent in which we live in peace assuming all humans are civil and reasonable and there is no reason to fear being accused of something you didn’t do, let alone being killed before you even had a chance to defend yourself.

In this video, I talk about some of the first steps I am taking to change my ways, awaken to my ignorance, and begin to course correct. I invite you to watch and see if you can find room for improvement in your own life (it is not a repeat of what is written above.)

All my love and prayers for healing this planet,


p.s. I welcome helpful constructive feedback and discussion. Comment below if you would like to further the conversation.