Vision, Vulnerability and How to Help An Addict

Kristi Ulrich is a masterful manifestor and she has a mission with a servant’s heart to take the stigma and shame out of the recovery process for those dealing with drug and alcohol addictions. Each and every one of our lives has been touched in one way or another by addiction, if not in our own life, then certainly with someone you love or have loved. Both of my parents were alcoholics throughout my childhood, best friends have battled with addictions and friends of mine have lost children to overdoses. Since it is nearly impossible to have not suffered from addiction either personally or with a loved one, how can there still be so much embarrassment and shame surrounding the need for help? Kristi is on a mission to change that, and if she is on it, I know she will! Because that is the kind of person she is, not only having strength and grit, she also has the love, tenderness and compassion to help those in need AND the faith that her efforts will not go unanswered. In this short video, you will hear:

  • a few personal accounts that drew her into this work
  • the realization to care for one’s own need for rejuvenation in order to have the strength to care for others
  • the faith required to look beyond the current situation to manifest what you truly want in life

If you or someone you know needs help overcoming drug or alcohol addiction, please contact Kristi at Face It Together, or 701-361-6951. If you would like to support the mission of helping get drug and alcohol addiction sufferers well, find them on Facebook @faceittogetherfargomoorhead.