Tools For Turning Fear Into Love

So many people have shared with me lately that they are experiencing a whole new level of fear and sadness (myself included), that I found myself ‘going within’ to find ways to cope and deal with it. Recognizing this emotion has its place and also is not the way I want to live out my future, I felt called to find solutions to share with all of you. As the Universe always delivers answers to our needs when we ask for them and are open to receiving, I found a “chance” encounter with Arianna and a healing conversation to follow. Arianna Gray, owner of The Heart-Centered Life has a masters in counseling, specializing in grief and loss. We both felt so much better after this connection, we wanted to share with you highlights of that conversation in intent it will bring hope, peace and inspiration to your New Year.

In this video, you will learn:

  • that every action has only two responses
  • how to shift out of fear
  • why this outcome was really the ideal one, a wake up call to us all
  • tools to weaving the dream
  • the tiny, but effective antidote for fear

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