The Unexpected Benefits of Yoga

There is so much wisdom that comes from the mat, any yogi will tell you the benefits far exceed the obvious benefits to your health and physical body. As Brianna Arndt, owner of Barefoot Studios shares, it provides the objectivity so you can look at life and not be consumed by it, providing you the perspective to make good decisions, and not operate out of fear.

In this video, you will find many golden nuggets like that, such as:

  • What you need to be prepared for if you want to start your own brick and mortar business
  • The many benefits of yoga beyond the obvious that you are probably not aware of
  • The most beneficial way to give and the problem you face with giving if you do not do it this way
  • The balance between preparation and intuitive flow
  • How to ensure your vision for your business does not get diluted as you grow


Yoga throws us into a different brainwave state that is our healing state … there is not much yoga doesn’t improve. Brianna @goddesssheesh

The Unexpected Benefits of Yoga from The Grateful Goddess on Vimeo.

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