The Real Inside Scoop on Grammy Nominee Linda Chorney

I am super excited to have you watch this interview with Linda Chorney and learn how she beat all odds and got the nod as a Grammy Nominee, however, before you do that, you have a little homework, first watch the trailer for her new movie soon to be released!

In this interview, you will get the real inside scoop, no more fake news making its way to your eyeballs, you deserve to know the real story! Linda is an inspiration in so many ways, for showing us how to dream big and manifest your heart’s desire, as well as, how to keep going when others make up lies and accusations that are unfounded. Linda describes how she sets the record straight and did not shrink in the face of criticism, and in fact, rose to the occasion to get the truth out, which lead her to discover new talents and check all the boxes of her bucket list.
One of my favorite parts of her story is how open she is to receiving generous gifts along the way that helped her achieve some pretty amazing dreams. I often hear women turn down kind gestures, comments and gifts like these because they didn’t feel they ‘earned’ it. Truth is, your BEING is enough to earn life’s generous abundance and people and opportunities would not present themselves to you if you were not meant to have it. So take a page from Linda’s book and learn how to receive all that is being offered to you.
And last, but not least, she provides you with a therapeutic solution for any angst and frustration you may have in your life. Watch the interview now, and I believe it will intrigue you even further to watch her TEDx talk to get all the details.

How about you, have you ever turned down a gift or opportunity because you didn’t feel deserving? Or do you have a similar story of saying YES and having an amazing experience to share? Leave a comment below on what you learned from your experience.

And her is her TEDx talk…