All cotton jersey scarf in either cranberry or creme. Wear your goddess power with strength and pride. Script reads… A Grateful Goddess… Lives in the moment, Speaks her truth, Awakens her dreams, Laughs joyfully, Sings boldly, Dances to the song in her soul, Lives with compassion, Love with a passion, Sees inner beauty, Breathes, Gives generously, Receives graciously, Forgives compassionately, Imagines, Offers hope and healing, Surrenders necessarily, Listens attentively, Smiles genuinely, Opens her arms and heart wide, Follows her inner Wisdom, Shares openly, Invites honesty, Cries without apology, Allows, Spreads her wings, Trusts her voice, Expresses appreciation, Learns lessons, Seeks peace, Wonders, Creates with abandon, Lives courageously, Radiates brilliantly, Exudes grace and dignity, Sees One in All, Practices mindfulness, Expresses her creativity, Delights in other’s triumphs, Embraces her own limitlessness, all in an abundant state of Gratitude for all that has been, all that is, and all that is yet to come…

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