Awaken Your Goddess Within Meditation CD


Description: This unique audio and visual meditation CD of the four goddesses — Saraswati, Maya, Lakshmi, and Kali, contains each goddesses’ bija mantra and essence sketch. Listen as the goddesses’ unique sound vibrations activate particular qualities of the Divine Feminine within, including enlightenment, wisdom, truth, creativity, healing powers, love, abundance, beauty, divine grace and transformation.

CD includes introduction, instruction for use and explanation of each goddesses virtues along with four Goddessence Sketches, four bija (sound) mantras, four full length mantras and a compilation uniting all bija mantras together to awaken goddess powers from your inner being. Produced by The Grateful Goddess, featuring mantras by Juliet Trnka and Goddessence Sketches by Darcy Simonson.