Are You Listening? Your Mouth Has A Lot To Tell You.

A friend called me and said, “You need to meet Dotti, she is a goddess with passion and an important message to share.” And that is how I came to meet Dottie, an oral systemic health specialist and educator. In this interview, Dotti shares some insights on what research has been telling us about our mouth which happens to have a lot to say about the state of our overall health.

Dotti shares valuable insights, such as:

  • The surprising origin of your health issues and how to remedy the situation
  • The disease dentists are most likely to be the first to diagnose
  • The journey all ideas and theories take before being accepted as truth
  • How chronic diseases trace back to the origin of the mouth


The Surprising Origin of Your Health Issues from The Grateful Goddess on Vimeo.

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