Life Lessons From the Sea

I think I may have drowned if I hadn’t hired a surf instructor to navigate the waters for me. You see, I am not a strong swimmer. In fact, mention me and swimming a relay race in high school and you will hear uncontrollable fits of laughter and gasps of air from my teammates – you see, I was a diver, not a swimmer, yet I was asked to swim a relay because the team really needed me, or so they thought. I pitched in and swam backstroke (without any practice) only I couldn’t swim a straight line, so I was actually bobbing and weaving my way down the lane hitting the ropes, readjusting and trying again only to hit the other side. And because I am on my back, I can actually see the parents and teammates peeing their pants they were laughing so hard while they cheered me on. <Sigh> Alas, gratefully, I was never asked to ‘help’ out again.)

Anyway, back to my story, so now you know I am really only good at treading water, yet I had a strong vision of me riding the waves and enjoying the surf. I could see myself in full wetsuit attire, wind in my hair, sun on my back as I carved Ss through the wake of a big wave. And once I have a vision and know what I want, everything is set in motion for me to realize that dream. Then it is simply a matter of putting the proper strategy in place. Knowing what I know about my limited swimming skills, I didn’t pretend I had what it took and allow myself to be pummeled by the sea. Rather I hired the right person for the job and for two straight hours, he swam me and my board out to sea. And by knowing myself well and what my strengths, as well as my weaknesses are, I was able to not only get  up almost every attempt, I had 5-6 waves I actually rode ~ the feeling was amazing!! And that was only my first lesson! It still took me doing the work and I have a few new muscles that introduced themselves in the process, yet know that anything worthwhile does require effort. Yet you can work smarter, not harder and get a lot further a whole lot faster in life. Having a coach, guide or trainer, someone who has been there and knows how to navigate through the tricky parts, can catapult you miles or years ahead of where you would be otherwise, then trying to master it all on your own. My strength is in teaching you how to manifest your true desires with joy and ease. I can help you make it fun and enjoyable rather than a daily grind. And you are in luck as this week only, you can get a taste of what it is all about absolutely free.  You’ll be riding high afterwards!! Simply go here to book your complementary coaching session.