Lessons in Life’s Pain

You could say Kelly Melsted has learned her lessons the hard way, through great personal, physical and emotional pain. As a career and relationship coach, it is through living her truth that she is able to help others find theirs. In this dive deep conversation, you will learn:

  • What characteristic you MUST have if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur
  • How that characteristic can be a double-edged sword if not balanced out with what truly matters most in life
  • What we do not know and what to ask ourselves everyday to account for the unknowing
  • How she shifted her life to intentionally change her relationship legacy
  • The keys to living a fulfilled life

Lessons in Life’s Pain from The Grateful Goddess on Vimeo.

When you’re happy and you feel proud of your relationships and how you are being and showing up in them, your life is going to be so fulfilled!

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