I was SO embarrassed…

I was so embarrassed of my struggles in this performance, that I edited it out before posting a highlight reel to social media. (this is a video of the portion I cut out – the struggle)

I had spent soooo many hours in rehearsals of the six different acts I was in and was most nervous for the fire acts. My role in this one was small and easy and there wasn’t ever a challenge in rehearsal.

But the night of the show, the aerial artist positioned himself just a little bit higher than usual and a smidgen out of my normal reach. 


I was having a hard time reaching him on my tip toes and had nothing to push off on to easily flip myself upside down. 

So here I am in front of hundreds of people, red in the face, and grunting rather than looking graceful.

I was so embarrassed. I wanted to hide my failure.

Then it dawned on me. That is what social media oftentimes is, an edited version of reality. 

And when we don’t show the struggle, it gives a false impression that we never fail.

Well, I do fail, we all fail. That’s how we learn. 

So if you have ever looked at other people’s lives and thought it must be nice, it is so easy for them, they never struggle. Think again. You are only seeing their highlight reel.

All my love,