How One Facebook Question Sparked A Global Movement That Attracted Celebrity Attention


Heidi Baker and I met through a Mindvalley Quest program called Speak and Inspire facilitated by the one and only Lisa Nichols (of The Secret fame). Following the 30 day quest, Heidi posed one question to the facebook group – who would be interested in getting together in San Diego to put our newfound talents to the test and create our own TEDx type speaking engagement called TIME talks? (paraphased here as I cannot find her original post). Watch this video to learn what happened next and learn tips and tools you can use to create something magical and magnificent from a simple inspired thought into a global movement that is continuing to gain momentum.

How many inspired thoughts have you had this year?

How many have you acted upon?

Would you like to learn how to use them to create something beyond your imagination?

To learn more about TIME Talks and how you can be involved, click here.

For more info on Heidi and how to work with her, go here.

AND as a super special prize for being a part of The Grateful Goddess community, Heidi is offering a special gift  5 Ways to Change Your Thoughts to Make More Money