Hidden Blessings & Inspiration

Need a boost of inspiration? 
This will be a love-balm for your soul. 

We already know that what we put our attention on grows and expands, yet often what fills many of our lives are stories of despair, sadness, and violence. 

Whether it is the news or television programming we are choosing for “entertainment”, trying to rid the world of violence with more violence isn’t the answer.

It can be more work to find stories of kindness, compassion, and empathy, yet they are so worth our search and attention. 

They are the answers to our woes. 

Here is one that is worth mega attention and focus, not that it happened recently, but it passed by me without awareness.

I recently read (listened on audible, actually) an amazing book ~ Cassandra Speaks by Elizabeth Lesser. Every word was like salve to my wounds. I felt heard and understood.

One story she shared was about a beautiful woman named Antoinette Tuff. Perhaps you know her story, I did not, and know that if we focus more on stories like hers, we can live in a more peaceful, united, solution-based world.

Antoinette was a bookkeeper of an elementary school in Atlanta when a 20-year old gunman entered her office. Her style and approach of love, connection, and empathy disarmed rather than escalated the situation and no one was harmed.

How many of us know the stories of the mass shooters who succeeded in causing devastation? In contrast, how many know Antoinette’s story and refer to her frequently? Her story should not only be widely known and spread, but her style of connection can be taught so we can reform our current policies and procedures with more peaceful outcomes.

To peace, love, and harmony in a whole new world,