Goddess of the Month ~ Hestia

Hestia, the goddess of hearth and home

Hestia is the ultimate domestic goddess. As the goddess of hearth and home, Hestia keeps the home fires burning. She prepared the family meals, welcomed strangers in need into her home, protected women beneath her roof, and generally dispensed happiness, love and light.

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Inviting Hestia into the Modern Goddess’ world

Action: In today’s world, where so many families are dual income earners, single parent households, or managing workloads at home that include balancing a multitude of busy schedules, it is important to find respite from life’s stressors in the comfort of one’s home.  September also marks a major transition as children head back to school and new routines are established.  After a long day at home, work or school, wouldn’t it feel great to come home to a place that fully supports you? Here are a few suggestions that may help you feel like there’s no place like home:

1) Call on Hestia to assist you in creating a sanctuary within your home, and encourage other members of the household to do the same. Do you have a place in your home that calls to you? It could be an entire room, or even just a favorite chair or  window . Set up sanctuary in that space,  surrounding  yourself with things that support you. Maybe you want to read, relax, meditate or write in your space. If so, bring in the right lamp, a blanket, and candles or whatever it is you need to create the perfect space. If you have children, help them create a space that they consider a sanctuary, too. Is it in their bedroom or play space? Remember that it is their special area, so even though you may not like a theme or decor  they choose, if it supports them, it is serving an important purpose. You may want to guide them into choosing peaceful colors, however, such as lavendar, blue  and green. Create a space for the entire family to gather in as well. A hearth is often just the right family gathering spot, encouraging warmth and sustenance. If you don’t have a fireplace, candles and soft lighting will also the trick.

2) Bring people together around the heart of most homes, the kitchen, to cook. Themed dinners, such as a Harvest Meal or a Last Titanic Dinner, are a fun way to gather together. Invite everyone to take responsibility for a dish from the menu. Nothing fills a home with more life than a kitchen full of hungry, eager cooks! Children like to be involved, too, so include them in preparation of family meals. Not only does this create bonding time between you, but it teaches them valuable life skills. Or maybe it is you who might benefit from learning how to cook. There are great cookbooks available for beginners, and you’ll notice that when you cook, rather than going out or buying pre-prepared foods, both your budget and waistline benefit.

3) Sit down with your family and list a few of the things that will help make your home a haven for everyone. Maybe a few rules are in order, such as no answering the phone during meal times. Maybe setting aside specific evenings to spend together, such as a family game or family movie nights will bring more harmony to the home. Develop rituals that help support one another, such as bedtime stories, good-bye kisses and shared chores. Create a harmonious home where all feel involved, valued, respected and supported.

Hestia Affirmation for a happy home

I am fully supported in my home by sincerely loving, respectful family and friends. I am at peace in my home when I am alone and I am joyful in my home when I am with others.

Hestia “Open Door” Meditation

Find a favorite spot in your home where you feel fully supported and are able to completely relax, and begin the meditation.
Breathe several times deeply and slowly. With each inhale imagine clear white light entering your nostrils, filling your lungs, and expanding into the roundness of your diaphragm. Feel the glow of the light enlighten every cell in your body. With each exhale, slowly release any discomfort, pain, and tenseness you may feel. Breathe in life, release stress. Continue breathing, and imagine that you are a lovely golden leaf on a beautiful tree, that has loosened itself in the cool autumn breeze. Feel yourself, one with the leaf, slowly float down, down, down, sinking deeper into relaxation with each swoop of the leaf, settling gently and peacefully at the doorway of your home. Rest and breathe.
Now, standing at the inside of your doorway, open the door, and ask everything within your home that does not support you to leave. Imagine those things floating out the doorway and drifting with the breeze until you see them no more. Maybe it is a mess, or a leaking faucet, too many bills, or stress in a relationship; send it all out the door. Watch in gratitude and amazement as they drift away, growing smaller and more insignificant until finally, they disappear. Wave goodbye and feel yourself lighten.
Now, standing at the doorway, invite into your home what you’d like, the people and things that support you, that are in harmony with you. Is it necessities you’ve gone without, home improvements, item’s fixed, harmonious relationships? Is it abundance, beautiful food, new joyful friends? See everything you desire coming into your home. Welcome it all, and know that you can have a harmonious, supportive and loving home. See it, believe it, and live joyfully in it. Walk around your home and feel the difference…doesn’t it feel gooood to be supported? Now, go within and open the doorway to your heart. In a grand stroke sweep all doubt, feelings of unworthiness, fear and sadness from your heart. The quiet space that is left behind is peace. No more critical voices, no sadness, but a lovely clean place in which to create a sacred space, filled with loving thoughts of yourself and others, a knowing that you are spirit, pure love and light, and an acceptance of all that is.  No past, no future, but fully alive and supported in every moment. The glow from your heart, free of the debris of the past and the fear of the future, is decorated with the goodness of spirit. This light that is within you will shine like a beacon upon all who enter your home, and touch your heart. The heart of your home is you.

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