Creating A Life You Love With Health & Fitness

Penny Northrup Kirk was a competitive downhill skier on the US Ski Team and she continues to live with a consistent focus on health and wellness well beyond her career days because her knowing of its importance not only in the enjoyment of her physical abilities, it has also been a vehicle in her spiritual growth. With her sister, Dr Christiane Northrup and her mother, Edna Northrup, Penny is well versed in the mind/body connection. This video is packed full of stories and wisdom she shares of:

  • how exercise helped her process through all grief, shame and disappointment
  • her and her husband Phil’s need for large degree of uncertainty in their lives
  • following your intuition to know when to let go and move on
  • her euphoric state of getting completely out of her own way
  • overcoming excuses we use to talk ourselves out of what we really want in life
  • learning the first thing to go when you get out of balance
  • her advice and simple steps you can take to reclaim your health

Creating A Life You Love with Penny Northrup Kirk from The Grateful Goddess on Vimeo.


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  • Wonderful hearing Penny Northrup Kirk — love her spirit. Good words of wisdom, “Let go of beliefs of what our lives were supposed to be, and become interested, and present, in what is.” Love this!