Conscious Body Coaching

What is Conscious Body Coaching?

A four week course designed to learn how to take practical healthy eating tips and incorporate them into ‘real life’ living. For many of us, we have spent years battling our bodies and fighting against ourselves rather than listening to the inherent wisdom our body holds. Learn how to honor yourself and love your body exactly as it is. You will find that simple switch in consciousness will release old habits and release fat at the same time. Struggling to lose weight will be just that, a struggle. Learning to listen and honor your body will provide the results you desire with comfort and ease.

The program incorporates a Reset program, a 5 day high fiber cleanse to reset your metabolism, curb sugar and carb cravings and allow you to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. Ask about a recommendation by NY Times best selling author Dr. Christiane Northrup and her explanation of why this program works.


There are both telegathering and in person sessions starting each month, inquire about the program that is best suited to your needs.


$249 includes the Reset Kit (almost all of your food and nutrition for 5 days, simply add fruits and vegetables), the book Create the Body Your Soul Desires, by Dr. Karen Wolfe and Dr. Deborah Kern plus coaching. Additional product costs, should you want to continue to release fat with follow up bars and shakes, may be purchased on your own and will be explained in the first session.
I highly encourage you to join with a ‘buddy’ to help support you throughout the week between sessions, however, it is not a requirement.

Facilitated by:

Sheila Sornsin, Certified Conscious Body Method Coach, mentored by Dr. Karen Wolfe.

Express your interest and I will get you set up: 


    A few rave reviews from participants of Conscious Body Coaching:

    “I was NOT hungry (a first for any type of cleansing program I have tried before) and the shakes and bars were yummy!”
    “I noticed I was thinking clearer  ~ my boss even noticed.”
    “I enjoyed having more time on my hands without thinking, planning, preparing and cleaning up meals.”
    “I’ve never done such an easy and painless cleanse!”
    “The group dynamics and support were a big bonus for me.”
    “I felt so much better both inside and out.“
    “This was very helpful, it was the boost that I needed!”
    “My intention for 2010 was to begin eating healthier and lose some weight to lower my cholesterol. I am doing that and I feel better.”
    “Good news! I had lab work done this week and my white count has dropped to almost normal. I do believe the detox and much improved eating has made the difference.”
    “I was having a tough time with a recent weight gain and my addiction to sugar.  I was in a women’s group with Sheila and she suggested I go on a brief sugar cleanse routine through Usana, a company she represents.  I was a bit skeptical, but decided to give it a try since I felt the price and length of the cleanse program were both within my abilities.  I never felt hungry on the program, and felt so much better by the 3rd day of weaning myself off of the sugar.  I have since slowly changed my diet and very seldom eat any sugary foods.  I’m grateful that Sheila mentioned the cleanse and would do it again if I ever find myself slipping back into my old habits.”