The Truth About Independence

I was at Whole Foods and among my shopping, I grabbed a salad and decided to eat it there. I was almost finished when a well-starched, dapper man sits down beside me and introduces himself …

Hi, where are you from originally? What state? My name is Don, I’m from Wisconsin, I’m 84.

How old are you?

How many kids do you have?  I have 4 boys and 4 girls from my first marriage.

Are you still married? Why not?

You have a nice smile. I have Alzheimer’s. Do you know what Alzheimer’s is?

And on and on I was peppered with questions fast and flurry, reminiscent of how a small child would ask anything and everything that comes to mind without concern for what is considered a polite vs intrusive question of a stranger.

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Take the pressure off gift giving

November Gratitude Special… Do you stress over what to buy friends and family for the holidays, especially those ‘hard to buy for’ who say they don’t want anything and buy whatever they want and need before you have a chance to give it as a gift? This year, take the pressure off and buy a…

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Following Her Bliss

Phoebe Jenkins is a badass acro yogi, health coach, a fitness, IntenSati dance and yoga instructor and a licensed massage therapist trained in Ashiatsu. Passionate for all things health and wellness is an understatement. Phoebe understands how living your healthiest life can be a challenge, so she breaks it down and makes it easy and…

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