Do You Deny Yourself What You Really Want?

I was awoken early in the morning with a single thought…

Give your car to Kate.

(Kate is my daughter.)

I know myself well enough to know that if the message from my Higher Self isn’t delivered this directly, often awakening me from a deep sleep, I will ignore or justify and reason it away. And even though I knew it was a message from Spirit, I still began to argue and question.

I’m  not sure Kate even wants it, or that I want her driving in California. I think she may be safer Ubering. What if the gift ends up being a burden on her with maintenance and insurance costs? And although I want a new car, I don’t need one, I was planning to drive this one another year or so, in hopes that the self driving cars are perfected and approved.

What if this idea is a mistake?

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Take the pressure off gift giving

November Gratitude Special… Do you stress over what to buy friends and family for the holidays, especially those ‘hard to buy for’ who say they don’t want anything and buy whatever they want and need before you have a chance to give it as a gift? This year, take the pressure off and buy a…

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Following Her Bliss

Phoebe Jenkins is a badass acro yogi, health coach, a fitness, IntenSati dance and yoga instructor and a licensed massage therapist trained in Ashiatsu. Passionate for all things health and wellness is an understatement. Phoebe understands how living your healthiest life can be a challenge, so she breaks it down and makes it easy and…

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Want to manifest your dream life? Here’s how.

As a Vision Board Workshop facilitator at Canyon Ranch, I love a good manifestation story and this one is a doosey. Jennifer Hudye is a the creator of Conscious Copy, a marketing company that helps businesses clarify their message and build value-based relationships with their clients. At the end of a jammed packed weekend together,…

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Do You Feel Pressure to Be Doing More?

That was my experience, the constant pressure that I should be doing more, being more, in other words, no matter what I accomplish, I am not enough. For others it may be that they feel like they are living two different lives, their professional life differing from who they really are as an authentic being….

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