My mission with The Grateful Goddess is to create a life you love through coaching, speaking, gifts and getaways. My intention is to inspire you to live authentically expressing your unique voice and talents and creating more vitality, strength, lightness, courage, prosperity and joy in your life!


Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. Howard Thurman


| 2015 | It never ceases to amaze me how beautifully orchestrated and serendipitous life is. How what appears to be our darkest hours are merely paving the way to a gorgeous unfolding of a life our soul is calling us to, yet we often feel too unworthy to desire. Whereas I can point to numerous ‘darkest hour’ times in my life like the years leading up to my divorce, the month I lost all my clients and income, or the tumultuous year in which my mother died, my good friend and business associate left the partnership, I sold my house and moved across country to start anew without friends and a business or social network… whew. Yet my most recent dip, twist and turn came when I least expected it.

Life was actually going exceptionally well. I had just moved in with my love, quickly and almost effortlessly sold my home and had extra money in the bank. I was doing the work that I love and business was good. I had enough time for really good self-care and my kids were happy, healthy and living the lives they desired. Wow, life is really good! I had just finished a full day in the hustle bustle of the holidays when I had the most intense ‘thunderclap’ headache and a light show grid in my mind’s eye which caused my entire body to go into an all systems alert. I tried to sleep it off.

A few days later based on the chiropractors suspicions of meningitis, I finally went into the ER. The physician confirmed I had a ruptured brain aneurysm. I thanked her very kindly and told her I was feeling pretty good, much better really, and I would address it after the holidays. She had a very calming smile and replied, “No honey, this may kill you.” I was rushed into surgery shortly after being told the horrific odds of survival. Fortunately, while I was listening to what the neurosurgeon had to say, I was still dismissing her words as I could feel the peace and calm of angels acknowledging all was well, I would be fine.

All was well and I was fortunate to go home early, yet there was still plenty of healing to be done. I was at about 90% in one month’s time. There were so many things that contributed to my quick recovery including all kinds of holistic treatments plus the right mindset, patience, radical self care, nutritional supplements, meditations, gentle yoga and the love and prayer of my Grateful Goddess and Team Northrup communities. For instance, on Christmas day, Dr Christiane Northrup, Dr Deborah Kern and a number of others from my tribe gathered by phone to do a Divine Love Healing meditation. (For more information on the style of meditation, go to www.worldserviceinstitute.org).

That one gesture alone, provided me such an intense sense of love, support and purpose. I have more to do here before I go. I am loved, I am valued, I have more people’s lives to touch. One of the meditators, a man in his 40’s, mother had passed from a brain aneurysm when he was only 18, and she came to him in the meditation which provided him great comfort and peace. So beautiful how interconnected our lives are that by his contributing to my healing, he healed some of his own wounds. And that is only one example of how beautifully orchestrated and divine life is.

Reflecting back, I realize that had I not followed my intuition to join Team Northrup even when my logical brain was saying I didn’t have the time or money, I would not have provided my body with years of a good immune system and cellular support to carry me through the body trauma of the burst aneurysm. I wouldn’t have had the love and support of my tribe of like-minded people holding a vision of health, healing and wholeness. And I wouldn’t have had the paychecks automatically depositing in my checking account every Friday allowing me to focus on nothing more than my full recovery and good health. And that, my friend, is the miraculous, beautiful, divine universe in which we live, that never ceases to amaze me. Life is so good.



The Grateful Goddess believes there are as many goddesses as there are expressions of self, and it is in confident self-expression that the goddess is revealed. Your goddess is your strength, courage and truth. No matter what form or fashion your goddess takes, I am certain that once you meet her, you will be lifelong friends.