Do You Feel Pressure to Be Doing More?

That was my experience, the constant pressure that I should be doing more, being more, in other words, no matter what I accomplish, I am not enough. For others it may be that they feel like they are living two different lives, their professional life differing from who they really are as an authentic being. Whatever it is you may be struggling with, Lee Ann Fortunato Heltzel taps into Source energy to share the personalize message meant to provide you clarity on your journey.

In this video, you will learn

  • my question for Source and how the answer was not what I was expecting
  • how letting go of all her belongings and setting out on a year+ long adventure of travel has changed her life and transformed her business
  • that businesses with humanitarian interests are growing and expanding at phenomenal rates (my apologies for technical difficulties that dropped the connection before she was able to wrap up and say goodbye, but what we have here was too good to not share.)

(Correction: my Grateful Goddess Getaways only happen once a year, not once a month 😉

Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel has blended her spiritual life with her livelihood, living in the creative process of potential as a graphic
instigator and creative guide through all aspects of visual presentation and promotion. Her multi-dimensional processes tap into the Meta or Source to co-create with her clients within the new paradigm of marketing, tapping into essence and energy rather than traditional marketing. Her embodiment of Christ Consciousness assists unbodied souls that have not fully crossed over to do so, as well as clearing geographic areas of energies needing to be cleared for human advancement. Lee Ann also has a deep commitment to those navigating the active dying process, with grace and ease, from the place of spirit. She understands that creativity is Source and that we are on a new frontier of what is possible.