Your Personality’s Impact On Your Health

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I first met Candice through a mutual interest in the Enneagram personality types and how we both use the knowledge in different ways in our businesses. My respect for her and her unique approach to health and healing incorporating this psychology and spiritual teachings led me to use her services not only after my brain aneurysm, but also when dealing with emotionally challenging situations in my life. I have found her work to be very beneficial in my healing journey and love the enthusiasm she has for her work. As you will see, she is living her life purpose and loving it! As a coach, I help people attain the health, wealth and fulfillment they are looking for in business and in life and when I come across goddesses who are doing just that, I like to feature them to inspire others to do the same. In this video you will learn:

  • Gratitudes major role in the process
  • How she found her way to the “right” path
  • What showed up to make it easy
  • Who her “peeps” were to support her direction
  • What YES feels like in the body
  • What she does differently than any other acupuncturist in the country


When you are on the right path, things get easy, magic happens. Candice Thomas @goddesssheesh

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