Goddess of the Month ~ Mawu

Mawu: The African goddess, Mawu, is also known as Mother Earth. She is heavily involved in creation, and she calls you now to assist in the creation of a healthy environment.

The planet is a living energy force that generously provides and nurtures us with food, beauty, water and other resources. It is time to nurture the earth, tending to her needs and appreciating all that she does for us in a wonderful cycle of giving and receiving. Live in harmony with the planet and notice the abundance that it offers. Instead of fearing her, embrace her cycles and rhythms. Instead of taking from her, give to her, and be amazed by what she gives you in return. Instead of mindlessly walking through your day, take a moment to look around you at the beauty she displays, in appreciation for your interconnectivity.

Audio 1: Introduction
Audio 2: Action
Audio 3: Affirmation
Audio 4: Meditation

Inviting Mawu into the Modern Goddess’ World:

Action: April marks the annual celebration of Earth Day. Pay attention to the celebrations happening in her honor, and take note of the information available now that can easily be incorporate into your daily life. Even seemingly small changes in the way you live can have a huge impact on the planet’s wellbeing. Perhaps it isn’t enough for you to simply make a few changes in your lifestyle. Maybe now is the time for you to research what you can do in your own community to clean up the environment, or to become actively involved in groups that benefit the planet.

Affirmation: (Audio) I dance with the wind, I bathe in the rain, I flow with the river, I grow with the leaves. I am One with the vibrant energy of Earth.

Meditation: (Audio) Begin by looking out a window or stepping outdoors to take in the beauty of nature. There is incredible beauty to be seen and appreciated when you open your heart and mind to it. Look at and listen to the signs of spring awakening in your environment. Are there birds chirping or squirrels moving about? Are fresh, green shoots pushing their way through the soil or branches? Do you hear more human activity as people come out of their homes to enjoy the sunshine? Be amazed in this moment at the power of the planet as she flows and cycles without resistance. Imagine yourself doing the same and the peace that that would bring to you.

Now, find a comfortable place to rest, to breath in nature and close your eyes. Breath in the gift of air that the trees ensure, and thank them for it. Feel the temperature, a collaboration of the breeze and the sun or the clouds. Each day brings a beautiful new sky to appreciate. Smell the earth awakening and know that you, too, are awakening to the divine connection you share with the planet. Tell her now what it is you appreciate most about her……..know that with your gratitude the earth prospers, and when she prospers, so do you. You and she are an inseparable part of each other. Breath again, feeling your roots dig deep into the earth. As you breathe, feel your trunk, straight and strong, capable of supporting you with ease. Feel it drawing in the strength of the earth. Feel your branches stretch out in acceptance of the sun’s warmth, and feel the new leaves of wisdom growing within you, sprout a bright and healing green for all to see. Continue to breathe, to feel your connection with the planet, and when you are ready walk through your day connected with the rhythms of the planet, in appreciation for her blessings, with the knowing that you are One.

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