Heal Your Mind & Body Through Dance ~ Uzo Nwankpa

The moment I met Uzo I knew I wanted to spend more time in her gorgeous energy. From her soft, gentle voice to her unbridled dance moves, this woman truly dances to the song in her soul. Originally from Nigeria, Uzo explains the difference in our culture in that we separate out dance from our everyday lives. I love the visual she paints of incorporating a dance and/or song for cleaning, shopping, dressing, eating, gardening, etc. Every action has a rhythm and a movement and a cause for celebration. It sounds like living in a true state of presence and gratitude, and I am all for that! Previously an RN in an intensive care unit, Uzo has seen the debilitating side of stress, pain and illness and wanted to contribute to this world in a more positive way, and thus, The Uzo Method was formed. Partnering with Richard Noel, a gifted drummer and non-stop ball of beautiful fire, the two facilitate dance and movement techniques for all ages, walks of life and physical abilities. And all indications show it’s working – dance really does heal!

Watch the interview here and see what I mean about her beautiful radiance…

For more info on The Uzo Method, a calendar of events and/or how to book them for workshops and events, go to theuzo.com

You can also like them on facebook at The Uzo Method Project

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Dance is the reason I smile everyday @uzomethod, #thegratefulgoddess

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