Supernatural Happenings by Intuitive Goddess, Chanda Parkinson

Wow, can you feel that?

The energy on the planet, that is. It is pretty wild being here now, in human form on the planet. I don’t know about you, but some times I have to pinch myself to remind myself all is in perfect order, and as a humanity we are on track. I can let myself get so drained by the thoughts of the future, and wondering what’s in store for us as a collective consciousness. What brings me out of those thoughts, fears, doubts and general feelings of periodic anxiety are the spiritual experiences I am having. The visions that are coming during my meditations, the intensity of the dreams I’m having, even the times I am talking with someone in my wake state and I could swear I was not even in my body…or I get through a conversation and I’m thinking to myself “was that me talking? didn’t even sound like me!”

Are the synchronicities and AHA! moments happening more often, or is it just me? I’m having experiences of profound healing, of course they are usually preceded by a major upset or moment of chaos. But I am catapulted into more clarity and peace as a result. All these help me remember OH YES! I am in fact designed to transcend, have experiences that remind me I am a spirit not just of flesh and blood.

The funny thing about having spiritual experiences is that you are really the only one who can actually validate that it happened, though you can read and converse with others to get their take on it. The heart knows. I find myself chuckling when my clients ask me about this out of body experience or that dream, or this spontaneous flood of insight and awareness and want to know if it REALLY happened. I almost always find myself saying YES…but to be honest with you how in the world would I know? It’s a best guess, really. The way to truly know you have had a spiritual experience is to just KNOW without knowing how you know. Let me give an example.

I was doing readings at a spiritual community in Minneapolis when I was about seven months pregnant with my daughter Addilynn. Things were going along quite well, I was sitting with a woman and our conversation was interrupted by what appeared to be a giant firefly that came into the back of my neck and disappeared. I tried to wave it away, certain it was a bee or some such thing. The woman I was sitting with watched the entire thing happen, so luckily I had a witness, but it happened so FAST that we both just sat there stunned by it, not sure what to think. Only later did it occur to me that the spirit of my daughter was making an entry, and a rather dramatic one…into her body. It was somewhat of a paranormal experience because it slightly spooked us, but all of a sudden a wash of knowing and recognition came over me that in fact it was HER making her solid entrance spiritually. I was so overcome with the thought of this that I began to cry, and intense warmth and peace flooded my very being. I felt the connection with her stronger than I had ever.

Think I’m nuts? Well that’s o.k. I’m sure you’ve had an experience that you can’t quite articulate properly and that makes others look at you like a deer in the headlights. But I know it was real, and I know what I felt. That my friends is what having spiritual experiences is all about. They ARE out of the norm and sometimes they are downright hard to understand.

I encourage that you let those experiences be the special moments they are, and also allow yourself the time and space to achieve the AHA! moment you need to understanding of the significance. If it never comes to you, let it go and trust that spirit will guide you to the answers you are supposed to know about those things. There is an intense mystery to all of life that is to be honored, and sometimes there just isn’t an answer! And I’m a psychic, who’s job is to give answers, but I know this with my whole heart. As a consciousness we become more aware of ourselves as spiritual beings.

Keep a journal, a log of your experiences and just let yourself be in the awe and wonder of them. It truly is a magical time to be alive!

Peace. Chanda.

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