Expand Your Intuition by Intuitive Goddess, Chanda Parkinson

In the field of intuition development there is often present a battle between the mind that you operate with on a daily basis (you know the one that is consistently chattering away, overwhelming you with grocery lists and self talk, not allowing you a break) and the higher mind (the one that provides deep and powerful insights that improve your life). I would like to offer some insights on how to overcome the more limiting everyday mind to make more room for the greater, expanded higher mind.

Everything is vibration, including our thoughts. We know now based on science and research that our minds affect more than we ever dreamed. Our experiences of life are exclusively directed by our minds. That is a lot of power! The pattern goes like this…something bad happens to us. We react emotionally to that experience. We make a decision. It becomes a way of being we aren’t even aware of. Those habits inhibit our ability to SEE anything else because we are secretly carrying on a belief that may or may not even be true! Crazy mind!

This greatly impacts our spiritual state and also our ability to develop our intuition because when we have enough bad habits of thought and ways of being we may not even be aware of, it decreases our vibrational energy, keeping us feeling “stuck” and unable to move out of the cycles of negativity. Do you ever feel like this sort of “bad luck” follows you around? Or do you feel as if you just CAN’T see clearly in front of you, everything is fuzzy and unclear? I would encourage you to watch your thoughts, you are filling your mind with garbage and it is TIME to get a filter.

If you can find a way to discipline yourself to stop the mental chatter and focus your thoughts, I can personally guarantee your intuition and ability to improve your spiritual journey increases right along with it. You decrease the negative energy flowing into your mind and ultimately your body. The thing is, that energy is like a big wall of mud that stops the influx of information and insight so readily available to you. But you can only impact it at the vibration you are functioning at. A practice of mind discipline is just as important in the release of all of your gifts as actually practicing the exercises we work on during coaching sessions. That is why in my training and coaching with people I am consistently urging them to control that voice that takes over, telling them all sorts of nasty things about themselves, filling them with doubt about what they are receiving intuitively. That voice STOPS the flow, and alters the purity of the message and information.

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