Goddess of the Month ~ Jeanette Gibler

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I had the good fortune to have met  Jeanette right before her Day of Wellness event and am so grateful for the connection. Jeanette is one of those women who I instantaneously knew we were meant to be friends.  Jeanette’s positive mindset and determination is a true inspiration for anyone going through a challenging time, no matter what the reason. I feel very blessed to have made a new friend and want to share her story and wisdom with all of you. Jeanette is passionate about educating women on preventative measures and choices for a healthy blend of medical and holistic treatments. Get the facts, know your options and then listen to your own inner wisdom about what is best for you.

If you would like to help Jeanette on her journey to recovery, check out her web page here.

To learn more about Sanoviv, go here.

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13 Responses to Goddess of the Month ~ Jeanette Gibler

  1. avatar Laura Gates says:

    Thanks for such an important message, Sheila. With so many questions out there on alternative vs medical approaches its great to hear all this info. You are doing women an important service by sharing all of this!

  2. avatar Goddess says:

    Thank you, Laura, I am glad you see the value in being informed. Jeanette is an amazing woman and I am glad I was able to introduce you to her.

  3. Jeanette’s story is very inspirational. Thank you for bringing her message to us. She has great spirit and is very brave. Sanoviv is the best place for her to go, I wish her luck in her journey. 😉

  4. avatar Jenny Shih says:

    The world is so lucky to have people like Jeanette willing to share her story. Thanks for posting it here and spreading her words even further!

  5. avatar Goddess says:

    Thanks Heather and Jenny,
    I agree, I think Jeanette has a powerful message to share and am excited for her to continue her healing journey at Sanoviv. I will post an update on her story as it unfolds.

  6. avatar Pat Novak says:

    It’s wonderful to be able to bring Jeanette’s story to others. For support and to be supported. Jeanette has a such an authentic message for us all. I look forward to your updates!

  7. avatar Goddess says:

    Thanks Pat, I am glad you see the value and will definitely keep you posted.

  8. avatar Yvette says:

    Thank you so much for bringing Jeanette’s to message to us, wow such important information for all women to be aware of. Having lived in Lonodn I can atest to how much more advance some other countries are in certain areas of medicine. Its sad. Please keep us updated about her recovery. Thank you for this so scary but yet so inspiring.

  9. avatar Lea says:

    Wow. A powerful and scary story!

    Remembering that you are in control of your health is so important. That you are supposed to ask questions and seek different treatments. It’s always important to get another opinion if you really feel it in your gut.

  10. Thank you for introducing me to Jeanette Gibler and her story. I resonated with her message and her connection to nature, walking to the dessert to talk with God and her belief that “We have the power to change.” My best to her.

  11. avatar Goddess says:

    Yvette, that is interesting you would say that. A few months ago my featured goddess was Linda who explained how lumpectomies came to be in the states — the French women demanded surgeons not take their whole breast and viola’ they figured out a way to just remove the cancer. Her point was we did it for a new surgery technique, now we need to insist on Thermagraphy to be a standard procedure and covered by insurance – the technology exists we just need to insist upon it.

    Lea, I agree, we each hold the inner wisdom within us.

    Christie, I am also someone who needs to connect with nature as a means to God whenever I am ‘out of balance.’ I will pass your good wishes along.

  12. What a powerful and needed message. Thank you for sharing Jeanette with us. I know I can see myself in her story – even without the family history – and it makes me realize the extra steps I could be taking with my own health. My prayers are with her on her journey to wellness.

  13. avatar Goddess says:

    Thank you, Jennifer, I will pass along your well-wishes and prayers.

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